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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nintendo and Apple: A Match Made in Heaven

Let's face it; Nintendo and Apple are two of the hottest companies in the world at the moment. And from a consumer electronics perspective, both Apple and Nintendo have a tasty lineup of great innovative products.

From a product synergy perspective, both have a lot to offer one another. This would also be inherently better for the consumer. Apple is quite deficient in the gaming arena and Nintendo would love a slice of the digital media sphere. Imagine if Osx would be compatible with Wii games, throw in complete Wiimote functionality and you've got yourself a great combination.
Also, a marriage between the Wii and the Apple TV could render the ultimate consumer product. An AppleWii tv would give consumers an ultimate all in one device.

Secondly, a merged product that takes the best from Ipod and Nintendo DS could create a fantastic consumer entertainment product, essentially outfoxing Microsoft and Sony in one swift move. When you think about it, an Apple Nintendo marriage really doesn't sound that strange. Infact, I would love to see a "DSpod".

One question remains: who would benefit the most from such a partnership? For the consumer it's a 100% home run. For Apple it would be a great opportunity to add more value and diversity to their current product lineup. Furthermore, it would earn them big time kudos with the gaming community. On a personal note, I would love to use the wii-mote for presentations in keynote. Just imagine the possibilities or using two wii-motes to lay down a drum part in your garageband. Forget guitarhero, what about the drumsmaster deluxe?

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Konstantinos said...

The Wiimote is actually capable of working on any infrared-enabled Mac: